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This is day 1 with the kids being gone.  I made myself some pancakes:

  • 3 cups walnuts, soaked overnight
  • 3/4 cup egg whites (6 egg whites)
  • 2 cups pureed pumpkin
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp salt

I pureed in the blender until smooth and then cooked small pancakes in beef tallow.  I ended up putting a little honey on them even though I was going to try to be good without.  I could have done it but I didn’t feel like arguing with myself.  heehee

I ate a peach midmorning and put some leftover chicken & broccoli in the Sun Oven.  I’m hoping to be able to use the Sun Oven much more this week.  It definitely helps me remember when I’m already outside hanging laundry, so I’m not sure what I’ll do later in the week when I have no more dirty clothes to wash!  When the chicken was warm, I added some fermented salsa.  Yum.

I spent the day cleaning my closet and sorting through my wardrobe.  YUCK.  But I had a big helping of strawberry ice cream to make things better.  :)  I have not noticed an reaction to the yogurt that I put in the ice cream this time so I am hoping that I will continue to do well.  I also had about 8 oz of lemonade/kefir and about 8 oz of apple/pear/carrot/mango juice this afternoon to keep myself from eating even more ice cream.  heehee

I ate another peach about an hour before supper.  I felt pretty sluggish and thought I should have something, although I wasn’t particularly hungry at the time.  For supper, I had leftover meatball soup and cauliflower warmed in the Sun Oven.  I had a few cherries at a friend’s house later in the evening, and a spoonful of almond butter with honey when I returned home.  Successfully avoided the second helping of ice cream!!


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Since this was the kids’ last day home before their trip with their dad, I made eggs and turkey bacon.  The bacon packaging stated that it contained less than 2% maple sugar but sugar it was and I resisted.  It was hard.  I love bacon.  I reaaaaally love bacon.  My eggs & kombucha didn’t hold me long, so I had a spoonful of almond butter with honey to hold me until snack.

We had peaches and frozen blueberries for snack.  I meant to put a bit of yogurt on but forgot.  We were fine until lunch, which was the leftover beef heart with carrots and cabbage.  There is something about the fat on the heart that makes it very, hmm, thick? when it cools.  None of us like it much.  And usually it cools too much to be enjoyable by the end of the meal and we end up trying to lick the thick fatty scum off our lips & teeth and then we decide we don’t like heart much.  But it was okay.  There is still some left for me later in the week.  Sigh.

I made strawberry ice cream today and added some yogurt.  I had dripped off most of the whey so this yogurt was very thick but not quite as thick as cream cheese.  I made the ice cream as usual with coconut milk but added about 1/2 cup yogurt to see if I would react.  Only time will tell, I guess?  It felt goooooood to eat that dairy, though…I felt more satisfied than I have for a while.  :)

For supper, we ate the chicken & broccoli leftovers from last night with fermented salsa.  It was pretty tasty but again I felt like I could have used more carbs.  I ended up drinking kombucha to try and keep from downing anything more dangerous.  It was tough because I really wanted chocolate after the kids left!

I tried the lemonade/kefir that I made yesterday with some trepidation.  It was actually not bad!  I had only put in a little lemon because we only had one lemon left and I didn’t want to waste it on an iffy proposition :) but we were all pleasantly surprised.  It definitely had a brown-sugar-caramelly flavor due to the sucanat but everyone agreed that I can continue to make it.  It was a little fizzy and definitely sweet, so I’ll try letting it sit for one more day to see if some more of the sugar will be consumed.  I liked the sweetness but I don’t want to undo all my hard work!  I suppose I’ll need to order a case of lemons from Azure after all.   I also saw this recipe for scones today and once it is not 8 million degrees outside I will mix this up and see how we like them!  These may be a nice ‘take-with-you’ snack!

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day 31: intro diet

We finished the pumpkin pancakes this morning, and again had to top them with a little honey in order to get them down.  I just don’t like sunflower seed flavor in pancakes!  Ugh.  We also had kombucha with our breakfast.  I finished my antibiotics today so I’ve been chowing down on the probiotics!

We cut up lots of peaches today but only packaged up about 3 qts.  We ate some with frozen blueberries for mid-morning snack and then we had meatball soup for lunch.  For some reason the soup wasn’t as filling today as it was yesterday, and we were all hungry for a snack about an hour later.  We finished the peach ice cream before we left for rehearsal.

My daughter ate supper with me and my son went with his dad.  We had chicken & broccoli that had slow-cooked all day.  It was good but I sure wanted some carbs with it!  We each had a spoonful of almond butter & honey before bed and that helped a little with the sugar cravings.

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So this should be the last day of our intro diet!  But we are sticking to the same course for a while.  The kids leave in a couple of days and I will be hitting the broth a little harder while they are gone.  It has been so hot that broth seems more like torture than anything, so we’ve tried to incorporate in it meals instead of having much between.

We had eggs and kombucha for breakfast this morning.  Everyone was hungry about an hour later.  I made peaches to tide us over until lunch, and then we had tuna salad with homemade mayo, fresh cucumbers, and pickles.  The kids were begging to finish the peanut butter cookies from last night’s show and I told them they could.  We all had ice cream & blueberries and they had the cookies as well.

We made meatballs for supper:

  • 2 lb ground beef
  • 2 large carrots, shredded
  • 1 zucchini, shredded
  • 1 bunch basil, chopped
  • 1 Tblsp gelatin
  • 1 tsp salt

I simmered the meatballs in 2 qts broth and a pint of pureed pumpkin, and added about a tsp of salt to the broth as it simmered.  The meatballs were not as tender as I would have liked.  I may try adding a bit of applesauce next time.  Of course, I’m sure it didn’t help to have the kids handling the meat so much as they formed the balls.  :)  We have enough meatball soup for one more meal and then some lunches for me after the kids are gone.

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Well, it looks like I’ve lost yesterday’s post due to an issue with my computer.   Yesterday was fairly boring anyway – all leftovers except the 4 peaches I ate.  :)  Today we finished the lamb broth while I mixed up more peach ice cream and made pumpkin pancakes with half walnut/half sunflower seeds.  None of us cared much for the pancakes, but they were okay with a little honey.  My son asked if we could have eggs & bacon because he is getting tired of the pancakes.  heehee  I just don’t care much for the taste of sunflower seeds so it is tough to use them even though they are so much cheaper than walnuts.

For lunch, I simmered the leftover chicken in one quart broth with 2 zucchini and an onion.  For some reason, the kids dawdled over it.  I think they just wanted to talk more than they wanted to eat.  They didn’t complain about the soup and did eat it, just slowly.  :)  I had enough left for a meal when the kids are gone as well.

I had put a beef heart, cabbage, and carrots in the slow cooker this morning and we ate it before we left for the performance tonight.  I think it could have used a little more time to cook but it was alright.  We’ve got enough left for at least one more full meal and then probably enough meat for another meal besides.

Some of the kids had made me peanut butter cookies as a thank you, and I let the kids each have two on the way home.  When we returned, I made the peach ice cream that I had blended this morning.  The kids really wanted popsicles instead so I had the ice cream and they enjoyed their popsicles.

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Nothing exciting today – eggs & pork side for breakfast, chicken w/veggies & fermented salsa for lunch, and leftover spaghetti for supper.  Since the kids were home for lunch, I made the effort to cook – otherwise it would have been pretty slim pickins around here!  We had some peaches and blackberry-peach ice cream before they left as well.  Tomorrow will probably be even less exciting as I doubt the kids will be here!

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So by day 26, we could/should be on the sixth and final stage of the intro GAPS diet if we followed a 5 day/stage plan.  What I found was that we pretty much jumped to stage 6 after the first few days and are hanging tight there.  heehee :)  We do eat some honey (usually less than a Tblsp/day per person) and we have been eating fruit really from day one.  I seem to be able to tolerate fiber much better than when I began the intro diet, and that is encouraging!  I’m also pleased that I’ve experienced no side effects from the antibiotics/antivirals that I am taking.  I wonder if it is due to the healing foods I am eating now and the probiotics I am taking between doses?

The kids and I picked up peaches before breakfast today.  I bought 1/2 peck overripe/#2’s of a mystery peach (possibly Ruby Prince?) for about $0.63/lb and 1/2 bushel of nice Red Havens at twice that cost per pound.  We sorted the overripes and prepared them (along with the last of our previous batch of peaches) for the freezer.

We had a cup of lamb’s broth before we picked up the peaches and then I made up the rest of the pancakes for breakfast after we returned.  Since the kids helped me slice the peaches, they were more than ready to sample some for mid-morning snack!  We mixed some peaches with frozen blueberries and the kids were delighted.  So was I.  :)

After the peaches were packed up, we began making another batch of salsa.  The kids were great choppers and we finished fairly quickly.  For lunch, we had eggs, fresh pork side, and pickles.   Then we organized the kids’ school cubbies (ugh) and rewarded ourselves with a popsicle.  The popsicles were a huge hit and the kids asked for another one…but no can do, mi amigo…there was only one left.  So.  I froze the remaining ice cream mixture in the ice cream maker and 15 minutes later we had…

Blackberry-peach ice cream!  Which was also a huge hit.  The kids *almost* felt like they had chocolate chips in their ice cream since the blackberry seeds were crunchy.  heehee :)  By then, we were pretty full and I realized the kids would need to eat quickly before they left tonight.  They managed to choke down the spaghetti leftovers from yesterday and I waited almost an hour after they left before I even touched my supper.  I don’t know how they managed to get it all down! lol

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