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Winter Melon Musings

Bigger is not necessarily better.

Winter melons are actually more melon-like and less large-cucumbery-zucchini-like when they are bigger.  This means seeds like a watermelon and a thick rind-like skin.  I like smallish winter melons a lot.  Large winter melons, not so much.


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Where does the time go?

It’s Thursday?  Already?  Make that Friday, almost.  Goodness!  Somehow we’ve survived this week.  We’ve been so busy we’ve hardly had time for snacks!  I have had less energy this week, too…hmm… :)

We are heading out of town in less than a week, and facing our first real GAPS challenge.  I think I can get us to Boston without needing to eat airport food, but the way back could be tricky.  Very tricky.  Landing at 9:30pm and then driving home, we will definitely need SOMETHING to eat.  But what?  Taking food for the return trip is really not practical on this diet.  We’ll be gone much too long.  There is a Trader Joe’s in Kansas City, but I bet they’d be closed long before we made it there.  I guess I’ll stick a few Larabars in our carry-ons for the way back and hope that gets us where we need to be.

I am assuming we’ll be eating grains and potatoes at some point while we are gone.  I am both excited and full of dread.  I will be taking some enzymes to help with any discomfort, and we’ll try to stay as GAPS-friendly as possible.  It shouldn’t be as big of an adjustment for the kids, since they eat the SAD while with their dad every other weekend.

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Banana Muffins

I altered the recipe I found here to make banana muffins this morning.  Here’s what I ended up with:

  • 5 whole eggs and 2 egg whites
  • 1 cup mashed bananas
  • 1/2 cup pureed butternut squash
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1/4 cup melted butter
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 2 cups almond flour
  • 3 Tblsp coconut flour
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • chopped nuts (optional – we made them without but we all decided they would have been even better with nuts!  J said he wanted cashews, I said walnuts, and E said pecans.  Maybe it was best I didn’t put any nuts in since we couldn’t agree.  heehee)

Blend thoroughly and bake in muffin tins at 350 degrees until golden and set.  Makes 12 muffins.

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Chicken “Noodle” Soup

Cabbage Okazu

Teriyaki Chicken Wings I think I have some coconut aminos that I can sub for the soy sauce.

Turnip and Squash Gratin which reminds me, I have another squash gratin recipe that was absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS that I need to look for.

Sweet Soufleed Omelets

Meatball & Vegetable Kabobs

Cumin-rubbed Sweet Potatoes with Sage (sub winter squash for sweet potatoes)

Melt-in-Your-Mouth Eggplant

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Menu, week of Sept 26


  • butternut custard and yogurt; broth
  • leftover beef stew
  • slow-cooked pork, pears, and delicata squash with sauerkraut – I wish I had some fresh sage!


  • butternut custard and yogurt or cultured cream; broth
  • frozen winter melon stew; banana muffins
  • kare kare


  • pancakes; broth or juice
  • kare kare leftovers
  • brown bag – tuna salad, muffins, fruit


  • pancakes; broth or juice
  • quiche with kale and turkey sausage
  • burgers with fermented mustard, green beans, and pickles



  • leftovers?


  • leftovers?

For snacks, we will have in-season fruit, *possibly* some almond butter candy, and frozen yogurt.  I’ve not made the almond butter candy in a while so I think this may be the week.

The kids will be gone again this weekend so I think we will get by on 3 dozen eggs for the week.  The price of eggs is increasing at ONF now and I know it is time for slower egg production so I need to add in a little extra to my budget to allow for that.  When I calculated the price of all the items in my menu this week, it came to $73.  That’s right about on target.

I would really like an apple pie.  Or a peach cobbler.  Or both.  I believe I have a GAPS-friendly recipe for an almond crust tart somewhere and I will try to dig that out soon.  I also want to try these waffles to see if they’ll work for sandwiches.  Next week I’ll probably need to make more mayo as well.

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From recent Better Homes & Gardens magazines.  I’m not sure if you have to register to view the recipes, but registration is free.  Modifications I plan to make are noted in parentheses.

Sweet Potato Soup with Curried Cheese Crisps (substitute butternut squash for sweet potatoes…and I’m excited about trying the cheese crisps!!)

Coconut-Poached Mahi Mahi (will sub cod for mahi mahi since that is what I have on hand; eliminate sugar)

Dried Plum and Olive Chicken (maybe sub riced cauliflower for the side dish? or just make as-is with no side)

Turkey, Pear & Cheese Salad (prob sub chicken breast for turkey; would be yummy with leftover Thanksgiving turkey and homemade honey mustard)

Honey-Glazed Chicken with Peppers and Goat Cheese (no subs necessary)

Cheesecake-Stuffed Peaches (sub honey for sugar; use homemade cream cheese.  I’ll probably grill peaches first, then stuff to retain probiotics in cream cheese)

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Fresh vegetables:

  • peppers
  • eggplant
  • carrots
  • kale
  • onions
  • garlic
  • cilantro
  • winter melon
  • delicata squash (2)
  • butternut squash (7)
  • pumpkin
  • spaghetti squash

Frozen vegetables:

  • broccoli
  • green beans
  • green peas
  • butternut squash
  • shredded zucchini
  • tomatoes

Fresh fruits:

  • apples
  • pears
  • oranges
  • lemons
  • limes (2)
  • peaches?

Frozen fruits:

  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • blackberries
  • cranberries
  • bananas
  • peaches
  • cherries

Canned meats:

  • tuna
  • sardines
  • chicken

Frozen meats:

  • ground beef
  • steaks
  • roasts
  • tongue
  • heart
  • soup bones
  • beef liver?
  • whole chickens
  • drumsticks
  • gizzards
  • chicken backs
  • chicken wings?
  • chicken livers?
  • cod
  • pork chops
  • fresh pork side
  • cooked turkey (one quart)
  • turkey sausage

Frozen meals:

  • winter melon stew

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