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  • eggs; fruit salad
  • leftover lemon chicken; peas; white rice
  • steak; baked potatoes; broccoli


  • pumpkin custard; fresh cream
  • leftover steak etc
  • green salad with smoked salmon, hardboiled eggs, and goat cheese


  • pumpkin custard; fresh cream or kefir
  • leftover lemon chicken etc
  • brown bag – pb & j sandwiches; apples; dilly carrots


  • pancakes
  • leftover salmon salad
  • beef stew (onion, garlic, ginger, bok choy, potatoes, pumpkin, cauliflower, peas, carrots) and apple muffins


  • tuna quiche (spinach, mushrooms)
  • leftover beef stew
  • honey-mustard wings; butternut squash; broccoli


  • leftover pancakes
  • leftover salmon salad
  • leftover beef stew


  • leftover pancakes
  • leftover quiche
  • leftover wings etc

I had a great menu planned out but apparently didn’t save it in Evernote properly.  Wah wah…Here’s my second version but it’s subject to change if I remember what I had originally intended for each day!

I went to the store today and bought some chocolate on sale for Valentine’s Day gifts for the kids.  Then I bought ice cream because it was on sale and I was starving after work.  Then when I checked out, I realized that 60% of my cart was junk food and the other 40% what I had actually gone shopping for…so shopping fail.  Then I had ice cream for lunch because it was all melty and perfect and well, I was starving and no one was there to stop me…so GAPS fail.  At least I stopped before I finished the whole pint.  I think I’ll keep quiet the fact that I ate chocolate for dessert after my ice cream lunch…Yep.  I need to bring an apple or something to snack on before I go next time because obviously I have no self-control.

Salad greens alone were $8 today and broccoli was sold out because of the recent freezes in California.  I’m so glad I still have broccoli in my fridge!  I’d like to get some type of hotbed figured out so I can do my own greens in the backyard during winter but I just don’t have time this year.  Maybe my dad will help next year.

Budget-wise I think all meals and snacks will come in around $70 this week.  I spent about $60 at the store today.  We are planning a trip east to see my niece in a couple of months, and the tickets are much higher than I had hoped.  We’ll be squeezing those pennies extra-tight for a while to come.  In the meantime, I’d better not shop when I’m hungry!!


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Good news: my grocery bills are next to nothing right now!  Bad news: I’ve spent the extra on fabric prints.  Good news: that means I can make really cute stuff and pick up a few extra dollars to make up for it!  Bad news: that means I have to carve out time to sew, and school is just around the corner…which is good news!  But I am not ready for it, which is bad news.  Yeah, that’s pretty much how my life is going right now.

I’m working a lot extra this week, which is good news because I should get a nice fat check for it but bad news because my mad GAPS skillz are suffering and I think I’ve eaten rice and/or some form of sucrose every day this week.  And pasteurized dairy.  And probably a tone of other stuff I shouldn’t.  So much for Intro Redux while my kids are gone…

And speaking of that, the kids will be home this weekend!  They were back for a brief overnight visit earlier this week, and my son came home with a terrible cough and diarrhea.  My daughter didn’t feel well either but that seems to be nervous tummy and not actual sickness.  I made them broth and fed them stuffed peppers for dinner Tuesday night and we supplemented with vitamin D and cherry bark syrup for my son.  My daughter got vitamin D and Standard Process’s stomach supplement, which is what her naturopath had previously recommended.  Then I got them both in bed by 9pm, which is a full 2 hours earlier than their dad was getting them to bed.  They both were very upset when they left in the morning but I am hoping that they got enough sleep and extra nutrients to help them make it to the weekend.

I’ve got some beef soup bones in the slow cooker and I’ll be making a stew with pureed pumpkin, zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, onions, and maybe broccoli for supper tomorrow night.  My daughter has consistently asked for soup when questioned about her meal requests and I know she needs some comfort food.  Saturday I plan to make chili and we’ll probably have a meal at my parents’ house as well.  Sunday we should be able to do leftovers and then the kids will most likely have to go back to their dad’s Monday morning.  I’ll breathe a sigh of relief when they don’t have to go back to that daycare anymore!

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I don’t feel like posting.  I feel like…eating ice cream and chocolate.  Yep.  That’s what I feel like.  And I’ve probably got another month of feeling like that.  Going a full week without seeing your kids and then turning around and doing it again sucks majorly.  It tends to suck more when your kids don’t want to go and when you don’t know how long they’ll be going for.  August 9 can not come too soon.

In the meantime, I’m going to try not to kill my kefir grains.  I’m going to make at least one big pot of healthy something to eat once a week.  I’m going to watch as many kung fu movies as I can stomach (probably 2).  And I’m going to try to make some money.   (Yay for extra work and eBay!!)

I guess I’ll try to post more often, too…but only if I can say something nice.

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I’ve had “Blog” on my to-do list all week and have successfully avoided it until now.  This week has been a little dumpy with my kids being gone and it being so hot and dry (although we got a teeny tiny sprinkle today!! hooray!!).  I’ve really not felt like doing anything except A) feel sorry for myself or B) try not to feel sorry for myself by jumping into one of ten million projects I’ve had on hold.  Option B has produced two skirts, a blouse, an almost-finished dress, an almost-finished beanbag pouf, and 7 other projects being cut out in preparation for sewing.  I’ve also begun a reacquaintance with Chopin’s Prelude No. 26.  Lovely.  In addition, I made a huge pot of lamb stew that included a cayenne pepper from my garden.  Interestingly enough, while one pepper was a nice addition to a meatloaf, it is overpowering in a pot of stew.  I have had to force myself to down my daily bowl (and yes, there is enough to last through Friday), causing me to dread mealtime and return to Option A.  Then I open the freezer and pull out some Belgian Chocolate ice cream that I talked myself into when I was shopping while suffering from Option A.  Then I think to myself, “How have I sunk so low?  I need to get busy!”  And I do.  A vicious circle, this.

My kids are coming home Friday evening.  I need to plan meals through the weekend but don’t know if they’ll be home after that.  Since I already know what I’ll be eating all week (oh lamb stew…we meet again…and again…) I’ll wait to post a weekend plan until I create something grand.  Before then, I hope to do my anniversary post.  Of course, I had hoped to do that a couple of weeks ago…

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  • make mayonnaise
  • whip those abs, buns, and thighs into shape
  • respond to the gazillion emails waiting in my inbox
  • avoid those Trader Joe’s peppermint creams and peanut butter cups hiding in the freezer
  • stick to the menu plan beyond Tuesday
  • get my kefir grains back on track after hibernation
  • hang all laundry outside on non-rainy days
  • get around to that pedicure that I’ve been meaning to do for over a month now
  • figure out where those ants are coming in
  • go to bed before 11pm

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…when you forget to make granola pretty much all week long but that’s okay because you’ll just have eggs for breakfast instead, except you planned to have eggs for lunch today so you’ll have to have the bbq leftovers for lunch instead of supper and then OH CRAP you forgot to start the soup bones in the slow cooker last night and do you even HAVE any soup bones in the freezer and why do you even bother making a menu plan if you’re not going to follow it anyway??!

You guessed it.  Freak Out.

And then you make eggs for breakfast and mow the lawn while you ponder your options, which happen to include digging through the freezer (shudder) or fasting (double shudder).

Luckily I found a small package of soup bones and got them going at 8am.  The meat should be ready to pull of the bones by suppertime and I think our chance of survival is great.  But just to be sure, I made the granola later this morning so there will be a couple of quick breakfasts on hand for next week.

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Ok, so the week isn’t over yet.  Sunday evening I got motivated to start a bunch of those items on my to-do list, so I knocked out the lemonade, sourdough starter, banana bread, and muffins and I put fresh milk and sugar water in the kefir grains.  Then I thought pretty highly of myself and didn’t do anything else.

So here it is Wednesday, and I haven’t started the mayonnaise that we’ll need for tonight’s supper.  I should have also started soaking the beans and lentils by now.  The sourdough is ready before I want to use it.  I didn’t get any carrots, so that ferment is a no-go.  And I just don’t think the granola is happening this week.  That puts me at what, a 50% success rate?  I’ll have to do better next week for sure!

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