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  • ? just me
  • ? just me
  • bbq beef short ribs; sweet potatoes; buttered asparagus & mushrooms



  • granola with kefir (on the road)
  • salads: lettuce from garden, leftover chicken, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, dilly carrots, dressing (on the road)
  • nitrate-free hot dogs (with buns for the kids); sauerkraut or pickles; Pink Lady apples; lacto-fermented lemonade; GAPS s’mores (at campground)


  • pastrami; eggs; cheese; fruit of some sort – oranges maybe? (at campground)
  • campfire pizza using this crust; salad (at campground)
  • grilled chicken drumsticks and veggie hobo packs with sweet potatoes, onion, zucchini, radishes from garden; s’mores for dessert (at campground)


  • granola with kefir (on the road)
  • sandwiches; apples; dilly carrots (on the road)
  • Jason’s Deli with my cousin’s family


  • eggs & toast? (at my cousin’s)
  • sandwiches; apples; dilly carrots (on the road)
  • whatever the fam makes

Ok…I just have to say it.  I’m pretty proud of how many fermented foods are on this menu.  I really haven’t had much time to prepare and I feel like I am hitting a home run here.

Tomorrow I will be making mixes for muffins & cookies that we will eat the following week, marinating chicken for the grill, and packing.  I will do a mental walk-through of each meal, set aside the tools I’ll need for prep, and hopefully map where the ingredients will go in the coolers.  I also need to make more ice and kefir.  Lots to do!


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I know you all are dying to know how our first camping trip went.  You’ve probably been unable to concentrate for days now, your mind wandering to our campground and conjuring up images of smoky campfires and wasp stings…and I don’t want to tease you.  I’m too nice for that.  I’ll just tell you right out what we thought about our first trip…

Ok, so maybe I do want to tease you a little bit.

Fine!!  I’ll tell you.  We loved it.  LOVED IT.  And yes, there was a smoky campfire and some wasp stings and a skinned knee and a bike wreck.  And my son fidgeted almost all night so we all slept very little.  But we ate delicious food, avoided all itchy buggies, and went to bed at dark after reading for a couple of hours straight.  The weather was lovely, the campground was only about half full, and the other campers all went to bed at dark.  Perfection.

SO WHAT DID YOU EAT???  I know you are screaming this question inside your head.  The answer:

Thursday supper

  • 1 pkg Applegate Farms Beef Hot Dogs (probably not perfectly GAPS, but pretty darned close and I got them on sale.  pthbbbt!)
  • 1 cup purple sauerkraut (my token GAPS food group)
  • Bare Fruit Granny Smith Apple Chips
  • Blue Sky Orange Creme Soda (not GAPS-legal at all!!  I know!!  But we split a can 3 ways.)
  • one pint freshly-picked wild blackberries for dessert
  • 1/2 recipe cinnamon marshmallows for roasting over the fire

Friday breakfast

  • 1/2 pkg Trader Joe’s Uncured Pastrami (the xanthan gum was the only non-GAPS ingredient and I could deal with it)
  • 6 soft-boiled eggs, made ahead
  • sliced cheese
  • one pint wild blackberries

The supper ingredients did not need to stay chilled before serving (in fact, I took the hot dogs out of the freezer about 2 hours before I cooked them so I wanted them to thaw).  I think that the simplicity of the supper meal was my savior.  Luckily, we built a great fire in just a couple of minutes, so I didn’t have to stress out about that…but we didn’t arrive at the campground until our usual suppertime and I was getting hungry and cranky.  heehee :)

I packed the breakfast ingredients in individual insulated lunch bags with ice packs because I knew I’d be opening the big cooler several times before morning and I didn’t want to have to buy ice.  This was a move of brilliance, folks.  The breakfast ingredients were still in prime condition by breakfast time, and I didn’t have the mess of melted ice to deal with later.  I will definitely use that technique for our next camping trip.  Also, we ate a cold breakfast because I didn’t want to mess with a fire (we had a birthday party to attend later that morning and had to leave the campground before 9am).  That was pretty brilliant, as well.  I did have a couple of requests for omelets on our next excursion, so I may break out the cast iron pan and see if I can make something hot for our next breakfast.  We all agreed that both meals were tasty and satisfying (we didn’t even touch the granola I brought just in case we got too hungry) and I was happy that I only spent a few minutes prepping the plates before each meal.

Score one for J!

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Camping chaos

I managed to move all my piano students to Wednesdays, and to celebrate I thought we’d go camping Thursday night!  However, I’ve had more than a few kinks thrown into the mix.  First of all, I remembered that we committed to attending a birthday party Friday morning.  That stinks majorly, as we’d need to leave the campground by 9am that day.  Then, I discovered that the air mattress I thought would fit into our camper is much too small so we’d need to wrangle up a mattress somewhere else.  The campground we wanted to stay at was full (of course) so I decided to try one a little closer, but I wanted to look over the site before I reserved a spot.  Since it is not far from my parents’ home, I thought we’d run over to check out the sites (and reserve one if we liked it), then go pick up a mattress and firewood from my parents and pick wild blackberries while we were there.  Then on to pick up milk, pack the magnificent campfire food that I had yet to plan for, and make sure we didn’t forget anything before we took off for the campsite.

Great plan, right?

Today two of my students were unable to come for lessons, and they asked if they could come tomorrow at 10am.  Which is right in the middle of my scouting/blackberry picking/supplies gathering mission.  Urg.

I fear it will be too hot to camp if we hold off any longer so we will probably just go for it if the site is decent, but we may not find out until later in the day.  I think I will have to skip the milk excursion (sorry kefir grains, I’ll make it up to you somehow…) and our food will probably just be sandwiches and granola, but at least we’ll get out to try our hand at camping.

Then again maybe I’ll chicken out and decide to wait until it cools off in September. hehehe

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I planned to make a fruit crisp for breakfast yesterday and didn’t get to it, mainly because I didn’t allow soaking time for the granola I intended to use as a topping.  As it turned out, I didn’t even start the nuts soaking until around lunchtime yesterday and the granola was barely done by the time I served it this morning.  But it was good on the baked peaches and I’ll definitely make it again.

I used 2 cups of previously soaked and dehydrated almonds, so the granola mixture wasn’t completely soggy before it went into the dehydrator.  Other than omitting the vanilla bean scrapings (because I had none, and I forgot to add vanilla extract to compensate) and adding 1/2 cup soaked sunflower seeds, I followed the recipe as written.  I did not dehydrate the soaked nuts before I mixed the ingredients together, although reading through the comments on the blog I see that Coco intended for the nuts to be dry before mixing.  Oops.   I soaked the nuts for 4 hours and dehydrated the whole mixture for about 18 hours (and I think it could have gone a couple more), so the whole process took about 24 hours start to finish.  I got about 4 pints of finished granola from this recipe, and we used one pint to top our baked peaches this morning.

What I liked most: the granola held together in chunks like real granola.  Amazing.

Verdict: A keeper!  I’ll definitely make this granola again, although to be honest I could use a little more sweetness.  Some dried fruit or a little extra honey would do the trick.  Also, I might oil my dehydrator sheets before I do the next batch – this batch stuck like the dickens and was pretty tough to get off in nice chunks.  Oh – and we aren’t really sunflower seed fans, so next time I’d leave them out and probably sub pistachios!  Yumm!

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Turkey Rolls

I made these turkey rolls for our trip back from Boston, and they were such a hit that they are now our favorite brown bag meal.  They are pretty complicated, so I hesitated to post the recipe.  I decided that I’d post it for you gourmands out there.



Turkey Rolls

  • Deli turkey
  • Arugula
  • Cheese

I know that’s a lot of ingredients, but trust me: it’s right.  Roll it all up and take a bite, and you’ll thank me the next time you are running out the door and wondering what you’ll eat instead of sandwiches.

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We did it!  We survived!  And we made it almost entirely on GAPS.  The night we arrived in Boston, we found a Whole Foods and bought a roasted chicken and some veggies for supper, with kombucha to drink.  My sister had packed some hard-boiled eggs, turkey, and oranges for our breakfast the next morning at the hotel.  Then we snacked on Larabars as we toured Boston.

We splurged for lunch in Boston and had LOBSTER at Legal Seafoods!!  With lots of butter and veggies.  It was pricey, but we had skipped some other activities to compensate for it so I was still within budget.  :)  I dared my son to eat the eyeball of his half-lobster, telling him it was full of vitamin A.  He promptly popped it into his mouth and declared that it was chewy but just fine.  :)  The kids each ate a few oyster crackers with their lunch and I didn’t object.

I made salmon and butternut squash for dinner when we got to Vermont, so after 2 full days away from home we were still on track with GAPS.  The next day, we ate eggs and bacon for breakfast, chicken and veggies for lunch, and Indian food for supper.  I was not sure how GAPS-legal the items on our menu were, so we did our best: lamb kabobs for my son, lamb korma for me, and tikka masala for my daughter.  We did skip the rice.  We ate some lentil crispy bread things – pappad, I think?  I will have to look that up later.  It seems like I might have a recipe for that somewhere.  Back to meals… I made some chicken soup while we were there, and we had a wonderful roast and veggies.   Breakfasts were typically eggs and fruit, with bacon several days.

The “cheats” we experienced: chili at a ski lift (the kids had saltines in their chili), and apple crisp with ice cream for the kids.  These were the last full day we were there, and since we had done so well the entire time I did not feel it would be dangerous.  :)

We ate mostly apples for snacks – my sister had her own tree and the local orchards were in full swing, so we took advantage of the fresh produce.  There was some local raw cheddar that was pretty fabulous, and I found some unsweetened dried cherries to snack on as well.  My fave!!  We also had some delicious local yogurt with bananas for snacks.

We ate GAPS-friendly hot dogs with sauerkraut and peas before we left for the airport, and we each had some yogurt that *did* contain sugar.  I was concerned about supper this day: we would have to pack something to eat at the airport.  Fun, fun.  :/  I ended up getting a package of roasted turkey and rolling arugula and cheddar inside, like little burritos.  The kids LOVED them.  And they were very filling.  We also had an apple each after our “burritos”.  My son’s apple was so large, it probably was equivalent to 3 regular apples!  He complained about a stomachache soon after eating, which may have been as much due to our 5 hour car ride prior to supper as to the humongous apple…but I gave him an enzyme and prayed for him before we boarded.  He was still uncomfortable even after we got into the car to drive home from the airport, but I don’t think he ever had diarrhea so not sure what was bothering him.

I ate chocolate-covered espresso beans to help me stay alert on the drive home.  I could probably have eaten twice as many as I bought, but we made it home fine on what I ate.  :)  I did have an upset stomach on the drive home and did not sleep well so I’m going to blame it on that junk food.

When we got home at 2:30am, I got out a quart of frozen soup and some frozen GAPS muffins for lunch, and some drumsticks to put in the slow cooker for supper.  I am very tired still and not up to a lot of cooking today, so I was glad for some ready-made foods to help me get by.  I need to do menu planning as soon as possible – but first, a NAP!  :)

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We’re leavin’ on a jet plane!

I’ve got leftover pancakes packed and ready to eat on the road tomorrow.  I’ll make juice tonight for breakfast, and I have a pint of broth defrosting in the fridge to heat & drink before we leave tomorrow.

Muffins are made for snacks.  Larabars are packed as emergency rations.  :)

For lunch, I’ve made some taco meat and will bring guacamole, fermented salsa, and raw goat cheddar.  Exactly how/when we will eat it is still in question.  We may stop before we hit Kansas City and pull in somewhere to serve it up since I can’t think of a single good option that will keep the meat hot and the salsa/guac cold in individual portions.

I did happen to remember that if we leave the airport at 10pm, it’s not likely we’ll have a convenient place to pick up drinks for the trip home.  I’ve got extra water bottles for the return and we’ll have Larabars to tide us over until we can make it home or find a Walmart, whichever comes first.  And I have a feeling that if the Walmart comes first, we’ll be eating Ben & Jerry’s on the way back.  :)

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