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Boring Post Alert!!  Carry on.

Ferments to maintain:

  • Milk kefir
  • Water kefir, and finally figure out some way we like to drink this!!

Ferments to start:

Quick ferments:

To soak and/or sprout:

  • garbanzo beans and lentils for soup
  • nuts and seeds for granola

To bake:




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  • granola with coconut milk or kefir; broth
  • leftover meatza
  • leftover lamb stew and muffins


  • leftover granola and coconut milk or kefir; broth
  • leftover lamb stew and muffins
  • chicken curry with arame


  • banana pancakes; broth
  • leftover lamb stew and muffins
  • brown bag – tuna salad w/Bubbie’s pickles; Fuji apples; salad from garden; dilly carrots


  • leftover pancakes; broth
  • leftover tuna salad w/pickles; apples; salad; carrots
  • burgers with sauerkraut; steamed cauliflower; salad from garden


  • eggs & cheese; broth
  • soup from freezer
  • leftover chicken curry

Saturday – Work Day!

  • quiche with dehydrated kale; oranges; broth
  • meatloaf; green beans; sourdough bread for guests
  • lentil soup and muffins?

Sunday – and probably another work day!

  • leftover quiche; oranges; broth
  • leftover meatloaf etc
  • leftover lentil soup?

For snacks, we will have pudding, fruit, hard-boiled eggs, banana bread, and maybe some ice cream if I get out to pick up milk soon.  Actually, if I get milk we’ll probably just drink milk for a snack.  I won’t kid myself.  I know I don’t have time to make ice cream this week.

Azure Standard order is coming tomorrow so I’ll have plenty of fresh fruits in stock.  I debated whether to go pick up carrots at the store or not – we could really use them this week, but I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it out with just carrots.  So I abstained.  Eggs, milk, and maybe some price-matching for pineapples ($1.29 ea) and bananas ($0.44/lb) at Walmart will round out food purchases for this week.

Our menu for this week, including snacks, should come in under budget at around $70…not bad since I’m planning on at least two meals with guests.  Out-of-pocket expenses will be about $20, plus the larger-than-usual monthly Azure order.  If I can keep out-of-pockets to $30 or less per week for the following 3 weeks, we’ll be in good shape.  :)

Green beans and squash plants are growing nicely in the garden.  We ate most of our baby bok choy in a stir-fry with pork chops last week, and boy were they good!  I’ll see if I can get another batch planted this week for early summer harvest.  The lettuce and arugula are providing us with enough salad at the moment.  Onions are gradually growing.  We’ve got blossoms on our pepper plants and squashes.  Since most of the squash are volunteers from the compost pile, we’re anxiously awaiting the big reveal – will they be the suspected butternut or something more exciting??  :)  Cucumbers aren’t up yet but they just went into the ground last week.  And tomatoes are gifts from Grandpa that just showed up last week as well, so we’ll see how thy survive the transplanting process.

Sweet potatoes and rice did not seem to cause any type of reaction last week.  I may incorporate those in our diet occasionally from now on.  My boy especially is going to need more calories as he is hitting pre-pubescence so even if I don’t partake, I will be looking for more carby foods to help fill in the gaps for him.

On the ferment front: I think I’m going to have to start a separate weekly post detailing what I need to do to keep up with ferments.  I’m feeling scattered and need to get my list down where I can see it by itself.

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I planned to make a fruit crisp for breakfast yesterday and didn’t get to it, mainly because I didn’t allow soaking time for the granola I intended to use as a topping.  As it turned out, I didn’t even start the nuts soaking until around lunchtime yesterday and the granola was barely done by the time I served it this morning.  But it was good on the baked peaches and I’ll definitely make it again.

I used 2 cups of previously soaked and dehydrated almonds, so the granola mixture wasn’t completely soggy before it went into the dehydrator.  Other than omitting the vanilla bean scrapings (because I had none, and I forgot to add vanilla extract to compensate) and adding 1/2 cup soaked sunflower seeds, I followed the recipe as written.  I did not dehydrate the soaked nuts before I mixed the ingredients together, although reading through the comments on the blog I see that Coco intended for the nuts to be dry before mixing.  Oops.   I soaked the nuts for 4 hours and dehydrated the whole mixture for about 18 hours (and I think it could have gone a couple more), so the whole process took about 24 hours start to finish.  I got about 4 pints of finished granola from this recipe, and we used one pint to top our baked peaches this morning.

What I liked most: the granola held together in chunks like real granola.  Amazing.

Verdict: A keeper!  I’ll definitely make this granola again, although to be honest I could use a little more sweetness.  Some dried fruit or a little extra honey would do the trick.  Also, I might oil my dehydrator sheets before I do the next batch – this batch stuck like the dickens and was pretty tough to get off in nice chunks.  Oh – and we aren’t really sunflower seed fans, so next time I’d leave them out and probably sub pistachios!  Yumm!

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Herbal Healing Clay

I pinned this recipe for an herbal healing clay several weeks ago, but I lacked a couple of ingredients.  Since my Mountain Rose Herbs order came earlier in the week, I thought I’d mix up the powder to use when we get boo-boos.  I will be trying the tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract option when I overdo on chocolate (not that I ever overdo on chocolate or that I ever get pimples when I do eat chocolate, because I’m much too disciplined to ever let either of those happen).  In fact, not that I ate too many chocolate-covered marshmallows in the past week (*cough*), but I will have the opportunity to try this clay out when I wash my face tonight!

A couple of things: if you’ve never used goldenseal extract, you should know that it has an unpleasant smell.  I have used goldenseal in an eyewash for pinkeye, and the first time I used it I was…surprised.  So word to the wise: be prepared.  Now having said that, you can totally get over the smell.  Just don’t expect it to calm the injured party like a drop of lavender oil would.  Also, comfrey root should be used with caution.  Do not store this where little ones can get their hands (or more specifically, their mouths) on it.  Comfrey root is an excellent healer but it should only be used externally.

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Last weekend was craZy!!  Yep, crazy with a capital Z.  And so far, this week is following suit.  However, after dinner Monday night (and before we rushed off to my son’s golf class) both kids decided that they needed dessert.  The desserts they were coming up with were pretty time-consuming, and I was having a hard time thinking of something special enough to treat my kids for the hard work they did over the weekend while still keeping my hour start-to-finish time frame.  Right before we ran out the door, I remembered that I had wanted to try Mommypotamus’ Homemade Marshmallow recipe.  I mentioned it to the kids, and they Freaked.Out.  Yep.  We had a winner.

We dropped off my son and rushed back home to get started.  Unfortunately, I was unable to watch the video that went with the recipe.  I was a little bummed about that.  But we managed to whip up the marshmallows pretty quickly and get them into the pan.  I did not read the comments before we started, but I would highly recommend doing that if you plan to make these marshmallows.  I knew from a previous attempt at a honey-based candy that we would need to coat the marshmallows with something to prevent moisture from making the end product a mushy mess.  I had just gotten my cocoa butter in from Mountain Rose Herbs, but I didn’t want to fool around with it yet…so I pulled out my Trader Joe’s chocolate bar (non-GAPS) and melted some of that with some coconut oil for a coating.  Then we sprinkled the marshmallows with nuts.  Then we ran to pick up my son while the chocolate hardened – fitting into our hour time-slot just right!

I don’t have time for a fully detailed post about this – but I plan to make these again with a GAPS-legal coating and I can do a step-by-step later.  For now, here’s a pic of a few of our finished marshmallows to hold you:

They were every bit as good as you could possibly imagine.

Verdict: Is twice in one week too much?  Because we are definitely doing it.  YUMMMMMM.

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  • fried eggs and leftover muffins
  • leftover peanut soup
  • chicken, carrots, cauliflower, zucchini, and onions (in slow cooker)


  • pancakes; broth
  • leftover meatza
  • chicken hash with banana squash, onion, and zucchini


  • baked peaches topped with raw-granola?; broth
  • tuna salad with pickles; braeburn apples; arugula from garden
  • leftover chicken & veggies


  • leftover baked peaches; broth
  • leftover tuna salad
  • burgers; sauerkraut; cauliflower


  • baked eggs and chicken skin; oranges; broth
  • some kind of soup
  • pork chops; butternut squash; cauliflower; arugula from garden

Saturday & Sunday

  • leftovers (just me)


We put in laminate flooring this weekend.  I’m pooped.  No budget stuff this week.  No idea what to do about snacks.  Good night.

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I don’t have any chicken breasts on hand now, but if I snag some at a good price in the future I’d like to modify this recipe for Sundried Tomato-stuffed Chicken and maybe try freezing extras to reheat later.

These macaroons look delicious, but they would need to be modified slightly to fit our GAPS regimen.

I had to look up “trimoline” – but I think I can substitute honey and come out close on this recipe for Passion Fruit Ganache.  Now where am I going to find passion fruit puree??

Lettuce wraps.  Now that we have an abundance of lettuce.

These lemon cupcakes look yummy, too!  The blueberry frosting on these cupcakes is intriguing.

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